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About Joekai

Suzhou Joekai Biotechonolgy LLC (Joekai) is a specialty contract research organization (CRO) focusing on biological services in the area of CNS disorders. With the lated technologies and animal models (fruitflies and rodents), Joekai is offering our pharmaceutical partners early in vivo screening to late pharmacological validation related to neurodegenerative, neuropsychiatric, and some rare CNS disorders (Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, and autism).

In collaboration with Dr. Yi Zhong’s team in Tsinghua University (Beijing, China), Joekai has developped large-scale drug feeding system for fruitflies, automated complex behaviour systems (e.g., learning, locomotion, courtship, life span), gene profiling studies, and pathological brain sectioning, enabling both high- throughout and high-quality approaches for your CNS disorder projects.

News, Updates and Resources


Friendly Resources – Drosophila Microinjection Services 

Unihuaii Provides P-element/PhiC31/CRISPR services to build Drosophila models


January, 2017 -- Strategic & Re-financing

Joekai and Kunshan Soochow Yangcheng Venture Capital Centre signed financing cooperation deal.


July, 2016 -- Technology & Development

Discovering components from Zhizi and several TCMs on recovering recognition deficits in Alzheimer’s disease fruitfly model; revealing the underlying anti-inflammatory mechanism. Published in Chinese Journal of Natural Products.  


February-June, 2016 -- Service & Product

Filing “Aizhihui” Health Product Project for improving learning and memory.


September, 2014 -- Honor & Award

Received “Team of Innovation—Thousand-Talent Research Institute” grant from Jiangsu Province, China.  


August, 2014 -- Honor & Award

Received “Talents of entrepreneurship and innovation” Award for Joekai and Dr. I-Feng Peng, from the government of Jiangsu Province, China. 

June, 2013 -- Strategic & Refinancing

Joekai and Kunshan Hi & New Tech Investment Co. signed angel financing cooperation deal.


August-December, 2012 -- Honor & Award

Entitled “Domestic R & D Institutions in Suzhou City”, “Advanced Technology and Service Enterprises”, and other awards.  


November-December, 2011 -- Honor & Award

Receiving “Talents of entrepreneurship and innovation” Award for Joekai and Dr. Yi Zhong from the government of Jiangsu Province, and “Leading entrepreneurial talent" Award from Kunshan City Government, Jiangsu, China.

August, 2011 -- Technology & Development
Won “Integrated program of industrialization/academic/research” Grant with Joekai’s “Fly models for Parkinson disease in pharmaceutical applications” project.

July, 2011 -- News & Press
Announcing “New industrial platforms for HTS drug discovery by using fruitfly animal models” in official press conference.

April-May, 2011 – Service & Product
Breed massive Drosophila platforms in house, validated fly Alzheimer’s disease model and olfactory learning & memory platform, providing CRO services.

January, 2011-- Joekai Established 
Suzhou Joekai Biotechnology LLC was founded in Tuspark (Tsinghua Science Park) Kunshan Branch, Jiangsu, China.